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Antique Historical Maps

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The ultimate gift for your history buff! 

If you see it, you will want to touch it.

Each ornate map is drawn completely by hand and is a precise detailed accurate re-creation from the original map in my own style and taste.

24K gold leaf is used in the borders, title blocks, various historical buildings, and compass rose on each map.

The maps are prepared on a variety of surfaces, such as Pergemenata, an italian paper with the similar qualities of natural velum, 300 lb. Fabriano hot press watercolor paper, or 4 mil. double matt polyester film, which is the current industry standard for plans recorded at the Registry of Deeds in Massachusetts.

Although the colors are the most archival quality watercolors and gouaches  available, the maps should still be mounted behind UV glass  and as with all original art, should never be hung in direct sunlight.

All maps can be custom made to clients requirements and specifications.

Standard size is 24” x 36” unframed.                                   

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